ViewTravel Update: A minor release for major benefits!

We have improved the quality of the Videoviews!

Now all the Videoviews (background videos), as well as the videos of the galleries are reproduced in HD quality, considerably improving the visualization of the Views, providing an optimized experience.

Add supplements to your hotel budgets!

It is now possible to add all kinds of supplements when creating an hotel budget, so that these are displayed together with the price of the room, when displaying a View.

Transfer Views!

From now on, agencies or travel companies that have subscribed several licenses can now transfer the created Views from one license to another, by changing the user status from the “Manage Agency” section.

Promotional views!

The agency or company, with the administrator role, now as available a check box that allows the display of promotional Views to customers. The “activated” Views are managed in the section “My Views”.

Present a View with several hotel options!

Now it is possible, when creating a View, to present up to 3 groups of hotel options in order to show them to the potential customer. The customer as the ability to select, in the budget, which hotels want to use. These options are displayed in the View, in the section My Trip- Budgets-Videos-Photos. Also, from now on, the directions and the hotel categories are displayed in the View.

Import the Amadeus PNR to an already created View!

Previously it was not possible in an already created View to import all the information of an Amadeus PNR. For that, we had to create a new View. Now it´s possible. You can add the PNR info to an already created View, besides having the possibility to add more destinations to the already made View.

New field “How to get there” in the maps section!

In the maps section it is already possible to see the route by plane and to trace the route automatically in the following ways, as it has Google: “by car, on foot, by bicycle or by public transport”.

Configuration of the main menu!

From the administration panel in the “manage agency” section, super users or platform administrators can now configure the main menu bar that appears in all the Views and change the names, hide the tabs or put them in different order.

New functionality for promotional banners!

From the administration panel, super users or platform administrators can now configure the banners by country. Meaning, that when a View is created the banners associated with the countries that have active banners, plus the generic banners that have been defined for all the Views, will appear. The creator of the View, can also edit and customize the banners within each View.

Video editing!

It is already possible, by the super users associated to a playlist, to be able to cut any video for better viewing on the platforms, such as trimming video titles at the beginning or end, editing the most inspiring video part, among other editing options.

New design of the video and photo galleries!

We have redesigned the entire gallery of videos and photos in the Views, improving the user experience both on computers and mobile devices.

Select the videos you want to appear in the View!

It is already possible, as we did in the photo galleries, to filter the videos that you want to make appear in the Views, before sending it to clients. The functionalities and way of working is exactly the same as in photos.

Blank field in hotel rooms!

In the section “info hotels”, by selecting the option “other” in the room types, a blank field will be opened allowing the addition of any other room type, than the one we have already loaded.

Viewtour, itineraries and programs!

Now, when any super user or administrator of the agency adds a new service from any View, it will be automatically added to the standard template that has been configured for that destination. This eliminates duplicate tasks and allows to enrich the standard templates with more services, saving time. When creating a new View using the standard template, you can inactivate or eliminate the services that you do not need. Also, now it is possible to move the services by pressing the left mouse button over any service. If you keep it pressed, you are able to drag it to where you want to be placed.

Hide the calendars!

It is already possible from the “admin agency” section to define the behaviour of the dates and time calendars, in the Views, so that they can be selected using the keyboard.

Each area of ​​the destination has its own audio!

Now, when we do a PhotoView, depending on the destination, a music will be played according to the area visited, personalizing the View even more!

For any questions or inquiries, please contact the following email address: Please remember to share this information with the rest of your team, offices and agencies. Thank you very much.

Instivity ViewTravel Support Team

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