Marketing is one of the most important assets you can develop as a law firm or a lawyer. It will contribute more for your overall success as an attorney then taking a better deposition or writing better contract or virtually anything that you can do.

Whit all due respect, “Lawyers are pretty lousy at marketing”, it´s a common phrase we hear. Lawyers are afraid to market. Lawyers have resistance. They get on their own way. They don’t know what to do… but they are smart. Lawyers have graduated from law school. Lawyers have passed the bar.

Marketing is not rocket science… but it does take some attention and some effort to develop the skill and to use marketing in the right way.

Our advice to you is this: Learn it or work with experienced marketing teams. Take the time to actually develop marketing concepts or request specialized advisement.

In order to succeed, you need to know basic marketing of professional services. You need to know how marketing of professional services applies in the legal arena and then you need to see how those two pieces of information can apply to your particular law practice, so treat it like a subject, think of it as a college class and become competent in content marketing.

By implementing marketing of professional services, you gain the confidence and the ability to target your audience, to present yourself in a way that is going to get the clients that you want, and you will make more money and have a better reputation.

  1. So, the first tip is… take the time and study on how to do it.
  2. The second tip is… you have got to have a marketing plan. If it´s not in writing is not a plan… We know it´s hard to do, maybe you don´t know how to do it, you have to find out… a good way to get started on your marketing plan is to setup a time and money budget. Setup an amount of time, determine the amount of time that you will spend each and every week at a minimum for marketing your legal practices. No carry forwards. Consistency is extremely important.
  3. And last but not least, setup a money budget. How much money are you willing to spend on an annual basis to fund your marketing efforts. Once you have the budget numbers it´s going to be much easier for you to develop a marketing plan and you will become much more realistic about what is feasible and what´s not feasible.

So, approach it strategically… not tactically. Don’t go for the newest, greatest and shiniest tactic to develop your practice. Learn the fundamentals or work with an experienced marketing team that knows the fundamentals and apply them… or apply them through a marketing plan that you follow… consistently.

Summarizing: Advice & Tips

What is the difference between lawyers who are successful and those who aren’t? More often than not it comes down to the fact that successful lawyers have mastered the art of rainmaking, marketing and client development skills, while those who are unsuccessful have not.

The importance of improving how to market your law business cannot be overstated.

How to market your law firm?

  • Learn the general principles of marketing. Speaking with a marketing specialist might be helpful to you.
  • Customize them to fit you personally and your law practice. You need to be clear about your particular law practice; what areas you practice in, or want to practice in, how much business you have now in each area and how much business you want in each area.
  • Create a written marketing plan. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. It can be a Word document, a spreadsheet, prepared using project management software or set up via an online task management website. The important thing is that you set out clear legal marketing goals with the specific action steps necessary to reach each goal. You also must follow a timeline for completing each action step.
  • Follow the marketing plan consistently. It is tempting not to market when you have plenty of legal business. That is a mistake. Some types of legal marking, such as networking, require a significant amount of time to develop prospects. A week that goes by without marketing is a week lost forever. A poor marketing plan followed consistently will outperform the best marketing plan followed inconsistently.

You should know.

  • Where you are in marketing your law practice. If you are with a firm, what amount of business do you have on your hands?
  • What marketing tools you should use. Whether it is networking, speaking, writing articles, moving forward with digital marketing initiatives or joining professional associations… the tools you use to develop law clients should fit you. If the fit isn’t right, it is very hard to be consistent.
  • You must have a detailed written marketing plan. In preparing the plan you need to be clear about your ideal law practice… what percent of money do you expect and what percent of your time you want to devote to each practice area. You also need clarity about who is your ideal client… “the persona”. Be specific.
  • You must follow your marketing plan consistently. Client development needs to become a habit and an integral part of your law practice.

How can we help your law practice marketing effort?

Instivity team helps you learn how to market your personal law practice or your law firm. Through effective legal marketing you can develop your law practice, advance your legal career and, as a result, not only have more income, but also have more recognition and a better personal life.

  1. We propose to help you implement marketing initiatives, determine which marketing principles and tools best suit you and your practice area.
  2. Then we apply them to your unique law practice, develop a written marketing plan and follow through. We initially spend time together preparing a marketing plan.
  3. Then, through weekly sessions, we work through any problems you encounter, help establish the marketing habit and hold you accountable to your marketing commitment.

If you want to improve your marketing skills and bring in more clients, get in touch with us.


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