Inspiring Connectivity

Inspiring Connectivity

The main function of our Digital Connections, Public Relations and Events Management Service is to build, promote and preserve your good image among the internal and external public.

We are therefore suggest being responsible for planning, implementing and developing your entire institutional communication process, using disruptive communication tools, digital and non-digital, as a strategic resource in the interaction with your different audiences.

Another function of the service is to ensure contact with the media, as well as to monitor, collect and handle news information of interest to your organization.

In addition, we help you work in the coordination of events and in the management of your participation in exhibitions and fairs at national and international level.

Connective and Networking Capabilities

Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Powerful storytelling and inspiring narratives that will bust your creativity. Inspiring online and offline tools that provide you innovative experiences and new ways of interacting with customers.
Search Engine Optimization and PPC Management
Expand the quantity of your website visitors and give perceivability of your online branding by obtaining high rankings on search engine pages through un-paid organic search results. Get hold of prime positions on web search engines and appear on pertinent accomplice sites. through engaging banner advertisements that can go to the Google Display Network and snatch your clients’ attention.
Marketing Lead Qualification and CXO Demand Generation
Customized customer engagement programs designed to rapidly qualify inbound leads from marketing campaigns. This allows the generation of highly qualified appointments around highly complex issues at the most senior levels within an organization.
Event Marketing
Unforgettable visual and customer interaction experiences that make people feel inspired. Seamlessly engage consumers with branded disruptive experiences.
Digital and Social Marketing
We help you plan and execute your social media campaigns allowing you to reach your exact target clients with the right inspiring message.

Positive Inspirational Offer

More than great connectivity, Instivity also provides you other positive services that aim to inspire creativity and digital transformation in your organization.

Marketing, Design, Communication and Brand Promotion

We provide the necessary support for the communication and promotion of your brand and we help you create and activate your brand identity. We also support you in the production and coordination of all your marketing and representation materials.

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Apps and Digital Experiences

We love sales and to make them beautiful we develop and deliver exciting, simple to use and efective digital transformation tools that help you improve your team work and brand visibility.

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