A content marketing strategy benefits from both evergreen and one-off content. Topical, one-off articles and clips give instant exposure, and a sense of urgency and timeliness to your audience. The downside is it’s short life-span: here today, gone tomorrow.

On the other hand, evergreen content has value to both old and new customers. It addresses commonly asked questions or topics of interest that have a broad audience. It also helps customers understand more about your brand, products, or ways of working, both today and in a year from now.

Each has its place, and if used appropriately can help build a strong support base for your business. Additionally, it can be integrated effectively into an email marketing campaign, where it can be leveraged for different marketing design testing strategies.

Let’s take a look at when, how, and why these two types of content should both be used in your marketing materials.

One-off Topical Content

Newsworthy content is great for sharing and generating a lot of interest within a short period of time. But it also has a high-decay rate, meaning that although it was relevant today, it is less likely to be so as the days go by. When the end of the week arrives, chances are that your audience will have already moved on to something else.

One-off content works by leveraging attention for your business or a particular product by linking it to specific events or including opinions on trending issues.

Imagine the title, ‘Beyonce’s baby girl Blue Ivy Carter LOVES our pacifiers’. This would’ve been perfect back in 2012 when Beyonce’s new baby was big news, and would likely drive huge amounts of traffic to your site and spike sales in pacifiers.

But this would not work in 2018. Even if the information about your pacifiers is still relevant, the hook, or event you have used to leverage attention, now works against you. People who come across the article today will assume all the information contained in it is out of date.

Evergreen, Ever Useful

Evergreen content is the type of article or video that proves useful to your audience for months and even years, in some cases. It’s informative and stands alone, not weighed down by ties to trending issues or opinions from celebrities.

These will build you backlinks, position your brand as a leader in your vertical, and provide customers and visitors to your site with helpful information that moves them through your sales funnel.

What it won’t do, however, is create a buzz about your business or generate excitement about a new product you are launching.

Everything in Its Time and Place

There are a few things to consider when deciding which route to take in terms of evergreen and one-off content creation. Most depend on your promotional plans and longer term marketing goals, but three areas should be considered when deciding which to use.

  1. The peaks and troughs of businessEach business has times of year that are more profitable than others. One-off content can be used to generate a buzz and sense of urgency to help boost sales during slow periods while the content is new.
  2. Available timeThere is a lot of work involved in creating one-off content for a launch. Once the product and content is released, you get to sit back for a moment and enjoy watching the increased interest in your business. Creating evergreen content requires a more sustained approach, spreading out effort over a longer period to produce a continued flow of helpful pieces.
  3. Urgency Creating a sense of urgency and immediate relevance is what one-off content is all about. It’s useful for encouraging customers to move quickly or risk missing out. This can be a great way to inject interest in your products and make additional pushes for sales in a largely evergreen content strategy.


Both content strategies have their place and can work well together with just a little thought and planning. To ensure you get the most from both evergreen and one-off content it’s important to verify email addresses within your subscriber lists. Neither evergreen nor one-off content will work without reaching its intended audience.

Written by: Rae Steinbach – Instivity Contributor and a graduate of Tufts University with a combined International Relations and Chinese degree. After spending time living and working abroad in China, she returned to NYC to pursue her career and continue curating quality content. Rae is passionate about travel, food, and writing, of course.

Twitter handle: @araesininthesun

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