Of all the industries we’ve worked for, writing for their blogs or preparing landing pages for their websites, we believe the legal industry to be most in need.

While content marketing is something that people need to embrace, lawyers seem to be falling behind. It seems strange that such a competitive industry would be so out of date with modern marketing.

Why law firms are falling behind?

Content marketing is not something law firms traditionally prioritize. Top firms are often too busy to come up with a content marketing strategy, and stick to more traditional methods. Commercials and billboards are common advertising strategies.

Struggling firms may not fully understand the value of content, and rarely have a staff capable of producing volume writing. It’s a paradoxical situation. Content requires an investment of time or money they may not have, but making the investment could free up time and generate more money!

How law firms can jump on the content paradigm?

Far too many lawyer websites are obviously outdated with keyword-stuffed landing pages. Most common is pages with terms like “Local divorce attorney” used several times, a clear indication they were written years ago when keyword stuffing was the best way to gain Google page rank.

Some lawyers stand out by using their blog to discuss liability cases in the news that directly relate to societal concerns, like exploding e-cigarettes and defective medial implants.

Few legal blogs offer the advice and information their clients desperately need. Starting a blog to answer to commonly asked questions is a great way for lawyers to build trust, show expertise, and win clients.

On their blog, one specific law firm offers insight on the complexities of intellectual property law. Their blog posts present nuanced overviews of case law in context to a wide audience. Providing this kind of pertinent solid information to common search terms gives them a distinct advantage over their competitors.

There are many reasons why a law firm should be blogging.

  • When your content aligns with customer search terms, you earn more traffic.
  • Great content attracts organic backlinks from other sites.
  • Demonstrating your expertise builds customer trust, and may attract media attention. Reporters often search for reliable information on current cases.
  • Search is the first stop for client answers. If clients can find the answers on your site, you may have to field fewer calls about routine procedures.
  • In a field where few lawyers offer good content, local references can help you dominate mobile search.

Getting started

If you’re an attorney ready to tackle content in-house, you’ll need tools.

Whether you’re internet marketer, business owner or content writer, finding a right and perfect trending content is quite complex task. Everyday thousands of content published on the internet. So it is very hard to search most influence content or blog manually. In this case, we would need a kind of software or platform that can help to find content. You have several options in the market like Buzzsumo.com, EpicBeat Epictions or SocialAnimal, among others…

These tools may help you get great intel on your competitors, allowing you to monitor the pulse of the legal landscape. Keyword and competitor research will help you determine the hot topics in your area of expertise.

Cases in the news are another source of inspiration. Every aspect of law has its notable cases, and people are always looking for answers. Weighing in on local newsworthy legislation is a great way to build your audience. While everyone who stumbles on your blog while searching for information about a high-profile case won’t need your services, they may share your post and recommend your firm when a friend needs help.

The key to winning the trust of potential clients is the ability to explain in unambiguous terms they understand and can relate to. The ability to explain complex legal negotiations and terms in simple language will set your apart from your competitors.

Next step.

Looking for talented content writers?

Attorneys accustomed to reading and writing legal terms may find it a struggle to write in layman terms. Our advice is to hire a professional writer that is able to provide you high quality content and for that you may use Instivity services that for sure will help you with a lot of creative inspiration.

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