Viewtravel is available to Airmet Management Group Travel Agencies with 25,000 videos of destinations

Airmet Management Group has made available to its Travel Agencies the Viewtravel platform, which integrates multimedia content of destinations and hotels.

The objective of the platform is to allow Airmet Travel Agencies to create and present their trip offer to their clients in a dynamic and personalized way with all the content provided by ViewTravel, including videos of destinations, hotels and cruises, as well as photos, location maps, budgets, itinerary and the best or must suitable app for the trip.

ViewTravel platform can be accessed from the Airmet intranet, and has more than 25,000 videos of destinations, hotels and cruises, more than 20,000 photos of destinations and more than 500,000 hotels.

Airmet presented it to its agencies at the last convention held in October and is now fully operational.

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Airmet launches a platform with 25000 videos of destinations

About ViewTravel

ViewTravel is an Inspiring Digital Platform to show your travelling offer in a personalized and distinctive way, making the trips presentations more exciting than ever! You can create and show any trip View (presentation) with all the contents instantly. We have more than 25.000 official destination videos, including 360º virtual reality videos, 500.000 hotels, cruises, shipping companies, more than 20.000 destination photos, itinerary maps, the best apps and much more… With ViewTravel you are able to show the trip  you’ve seen or you have planned to do to others… inspiring new emotions and experiences easily and affordably..

Do not spend more time looking for videos, photos and itineraries in non-integrated different platforms or websites… Show the trip with the theme that you like or show the destination or place with a VideoView or PhotoView to inspire other travellers.

Forget about trying to convince others to go on a trip, sending a View is much easier! Register and Create your First View and see how you are able to inspire your customers.

About Airmet Management Group

Airmet is currently the leading group of independent travel agencies in Spain through partner agencies and points of sale. The primary goal of the Group is: Represent in a legitimate and effective way the interests of partner agencies and actively promote their development.

Airmet partner agencies offer a personalized service, based on their neutrality in the choice of suppliers, always taking care of the interests of the passenger. Know more about Airmet at


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