Sales proposals are the heart and soul of selling and the number of sales proposal produced are still one of the most used indicators of sales teams productivity. They’re also time consuming, though, so when you get the opportunity to write one, you want it to be a winner.

Structure, size and timing all matter. Here’s how to get the details right and help ensure your proposal generates business:

1. Write a proposal, not an estimate

There’s a big difference. An estimate provides a price quote and statement of work. A proposal provides a summary of the client’s concerns and “problems” and how you’ll help solve them. An estimate keeps the client focused on the price; a proposal (even though it includes price) keeps the client focused on value they’ll receive.

2. Write a persuasive summary

On the first page, create an executive summary as follows:

  • List the problems the client faces or goals to be achieved
  • Add your recommended solution
  • Detail the specific (and ideally unique) benefits resulting from your solution
  • Finally, provide the overall price, followed by a concise statement of how to get the project started

3. Keep the proposal short

In general, the shorter the proposal, the better. Proposals that are less than 5 pages in length are 31% more likely to win business than ones longer than that. The executive summary should not be more than a single page, and the rest of the contents should just provide support.

4. Make the proposal viewable online

Allowing clients to view a proposal online shortens the sales cycle, thereby creating revenue more quickly. The average time to accept a hard-copy-only proposal usually is about 29 days, compared with only 18 days for proposals provided online. What’s more: Online proposals were 18% more likely to win the deal.

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5. Get the proposal to the client quickly

In a recent survey conducted by Bidsketch, the average winning proposal (translation: one that ended in a sale) usually is sent 2.7 days after it was requested. By contrast, the average losing proposal didn’t reaches the client for 3.4 days.

This is one case where the old saying, “strike whilst the iron is hot,” really holds true.

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